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Focus is committed to the health, safety and well being of each horse that enters our program. Our focus is on horses who are slaughter bound, abused, neglected, and surrenders from owners who are not financially or physically able to provide and care for their horses any longer. We will not accept surrenders of senior, blind, or lame horses who are simply no longer serving a purpose for their owner who intends to replace them. We may offer other alternatives for those horses, and we will also help promote their availability by compassionately sharing their information on our social media sites and website. 


The horses who come to us will be brought current on all health, vet and farrier needs. Once the horse is ready to begin working, a training assessment will be completed. This assessment will give us the information necessary to continue their education if needed, what level of rider/handler is warranted, or if the horse is best suited as a pasture companion.


We strongly believe that every horse has a purpose, and our goal is to match each of our horses with the most appropriate adopters as possible. We strive to give each of our horses the best possible opportunities to succeed in forever homes, but understand that circumstances  can change and are sometimes unforeseen. This is why we have a strict return policy, and require our horses to come back to us if the adopter is no longer able to keep, care or provide for them. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our horses do not end up in a neglectful situation or auction bound.

Our adoption process has been developed from years of placement experience, and the desire to have every adoption be as positive and successful as possible. Each adoption is carefully considered, and begins with an adoption application which leads to reference checks and a viewing of the facility where the horse will be kept. The adoption is complete with payment of the adoption fee and a signed contract. 

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